3 Best Washing Machines to Buy in 2019

19 Nov

Do you want an economical, roomy and at the same time functional washing machine of the “automatic” type? We selected 3 popular options, which are characterized by low energy and water consumption, but at the same time considerable efficiency and a good set of modes and functions that will give the owner operational comfort. Most of the devices presented in the top review are equipped with functions protecting them from leaks and overheating. In the article, we examined not only the attractive features of automatic washing technology, but also flaws.

Whirlpool TDLR 60210

Whirlpool TDLR 60210 tvättmaskiner som är bästa i test
In the category of the best vertical washing machines, a stylish and functional model from a well-known brand wins. Made in classic white color, equipped with a convenient and intuitive control panel with a digital display, indicators, a rotary programmer and buttons for selecting auxiliary modes.

The business card of the Whirlpool washing machines, and the TDLR 60210 in particular, is the 6th Sense ™ technology. Its essence is to optimize processes using intelligent sensors in accordance with the type of fabric, the volume of linen. The result is time, energy and water savings. Other interesting features are Color 15 ° for gentle washing of synthetic fabrics while preserving the brightness of colors and Fresh Care (maintaining freshness).

The main programs 14. In addition to the classic ones, there are such interesting options as Jeans, Sports, Office Wear, Fast 30 ’, Economical and Colored Lingerie. Additional modes – Fast, Delayed start (up to 24 hours), Intensive rinse. The maximum spin is 1200 rpm.


  • Highly efficient, quiet and economical inverter motor;
  • Loading – up to 7 kg;
  • Smooth opening of the drum;
  • Quite a comfortable noise level – 54/76 dBA;
  • Protection against emergency leaks.


  • Residual water in the powder receiver;
  • Only 2 out of 4 legs are height adjustable.

Samsung WD80K5410OW

Samsung WD80K5410OW bäst i test

It has a very wide functionality, here, in addition to the standard set, there is also a laundry drying mode. Despite the fact that the model takes only 8th place in the ranking of the best washing machines, it is popular among consumers. The machine is safe during operation. She provides protection against leaks, control the level of foam formed, has a child lock system.


  • Perfectly cleans even severe pollution;
  • If necessary, you can report things directly to the drum during washing;
  • Low consumption of water and electricity;
  • It works very quietly, practically does not vibrate;
  • High-quality extraction, after which the clothes dry out within a couple of hours;
  • Able to raise pile from tissues;
  • Superior build quality.


  • After washing the woolen things, collecting the pile under the rubber band is not too easy on it;
  • Clothing with a water-repellent and windproof layer is not allowed to put on a drying mode;
  • High price.

Siemens WM14W447DN

Siemens WM14W447DN test

The 2019 rating of built-in washing machines opens with Siemens WM14W447DN with a large, convenient loading hatch and a capacity of up to 8 kilograms. Of the programs, the special attention is given to the quick wash, stain removal mode. A total of 14 programs have been implemented. The energy class is A +++. The German manufacturer has taken care of the presence of complete protection against leaks, there is control of foam and imbalance. Using the convenient touch screen, you can flexibly set the desired washing mode. In addition, the indication is correctly implemented. The advantages of the German model include a good spin with the ability to control speed, up to 1400.


  • profitability;
  • German assembly
  • automatic cleaning;
  • tank capacity;
  • cost;
  • quick wash.


  • inexpensive parts.

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