How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an Above Ground Pool

01 Jun

Swimming pools are among the facilities that make a home a more enjoyable place to be. The beauty of life is the presence of better living conditions. Living conditions are defined by the bundle of goods and services one enjoys. A swimming pool is thus considered to contribute to a better life of homeowners and family members.

womanSwimming pools can be of two kinds underground or above ground pools. The homeowner can choose between the two based on the space availability as well as the one’s preferences. After selecting, the owner then makes the necessary arrangements to have the swimming pool in place. It includes buying the materials as well as contracting constructors to have the build.

However, having the pool in place is not enough; it needs to be maintained on a regular basis if it is to continue being of utility to the users. Best above ground pools are well maintained to offer the users maximum satisfaction, as they were new. Several costs are involved in the maintenance of above ground pools. They are incurred during the activities involved in the maintenance of the pool. The activities are explained hereunder.

To begin with, every pool requires skimming. Skimming is the process whereby a skimmer is used to collect and remove debris that might have gotten into the pool in the course of time. A skimmer is a filter made of a fine mesh net. Skimming removes both debris and dead insects which if left in the pool would affect the pool water circulation system, block vacuum filters, leave the pool with unsightly stains, just to mention a few. Skimming is dome regularly after a few days and therefore requires one purchase a skimmer for use in their pool. The cost of a skimmer is approximate $7

The second cost comes in vacuuming. Despite having the pool skimmed regularly, some debris will still find their way and sink into the pool, which cools for vacuuming. For vacuuming to take place, the pool owner needs to purchase a vacuum. Vacuums can be either manual or automatic and their prices differ accordingly. The vacuums range from $20 for the manual ones up to about $200-$600 for the automatic ones.

aquaticTo maintain the desired levels of cleanliness, pool brushing is also essential. It helps in keeping the wall of the pool clean. Based on the type of the wall that your pool has, a different kind of brush will be used for brushing. The brushing should be done about a week before vacuuming can be done so that the particles that are stuck on the wall can be loosened. Depending on the type of brush appropriate for your pool, prices for purchasing the brush will differ.

Pools also require heating, especially during the cold seasons. Consequently, the owner needs to install a heating system for the pool. Various options are available such as the use of the solar heater, electric heaters, gas heaters, source water heaters among others. Heating costs involve the installation costs of the heating systems as well as the cost of running them. They work differently thus have different costs of installation and maintenance. Pool heat can as well be conserved by the use of pool covers that are sold based on their quality.

Pool maintenance also requires that one have access to water for refilling the pool when the water level is below the expected level. Refilling means that an extra cost is added to the owner’s water bill. It is usually done after skimming has been done.

The pool water needs to be of the right PH. Having acidic water can lead to the damage of the walls of the pool, the skin of the swimmer as well as the pool equipment. On the other hand, alkaline water leads to eye and nose burns and, May as well make your skin dry and itchy. A testing kit is purchased for use in testing the PH of the water before the correcting measure can be done. Substances such as soda ash or Muriatic acid are bought to correct the water PH.

Moreover, the pool needs to be cleaned and guarded against unauthorized use. It may require hiring a person to undertake the maintenance chores.

In conclusion, building a pool is not enough; it requires proper maintenance to provide maximum satisfaction. It thus involves regular spending in the attempts to keep it in good condition. People who look forward to owning swimming pools should as well be ready to incur costs in maintenance.



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