How to Buy the Best Hedge Trimmer

In our time, the hedge trimmer is an indispensable object when cutting trees and shrubs in the garden. If before, while working as a simple pruner, you spent a lot of time cutting trunks, today, having made the right choice in favor of a garden hedge trimmer, you will spend much less than your precious time for this work. Modern scissors are able to cope without problems both with strong bushes, and with a decorative hedge trim.

Before choosing a garden hedge trimmer, let’s consider all types of pruning of our plants. So it will be much easier, it will be defined with a model of a hedge trimmer.

  1. Forming pruning, this is when the plant is given a fixed shape.
  2. Reduction of great branches, taking care of an adult plant, regulatory actions are taken.
  3. To have a fairly mature plant cut old branches, in order to give growth to young shoots, make rejuvenating or regenerative pruning.
  4. With thinning pruning, weak and non-viable branches are cut, carrying out this treatment of the plant.

Carrying out pruning is quite painstaking, if you are not a professional in this matter, then you should carefully select a hedge trimmer.

The main types of garden hedge trimmers.

For large size work, a hedge trimmer with a gasoline engine is designed. Autonomous work makes it possible to prune in remote places of the garden, and high power allows you to cut even fairly thick branches. Due to the faultless quality of the cut, it refers to professional equipment. In this case, there are flaws, like any other motor vehicles: considerable weight, which creates unnecessary stress, vibration and noise. Because of the ease in its management is very much in demand, both by amateurs of serious technique and by professionals, more

Electron shears Solo 161

Electron shears Solo 161

Suitable for the owner of a small infield. At a relatively low price, they have easy control, low weight and high power. The range of work is limited only by the length of the wire, but at the same time the best price-quality ratio.

Hedge trimmer battery Solo 165

It works on the battery, it is maneuverable in work as well as gasoline, but it has less weight. One charge is enough for pruning a large garden. Pleasantly surprised by its size and shape due to the diversity of our market. Many models are equipped with several replaceable nozzles. Suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

Metabo Power Trimmer Li

When choosing a hedge trimmer, you need to take into account the main characteristics:

  • Power. A key characteristic when choosing any technique. Productivity of garden scissors, directly depends on capacity
  • Rotational speed. Affects the speed of work and the quality of the cut, regardless of whether the saw or disk hedge trimmer you choose.
  • The length of the tire, on which the knives are fixed, is modified from 20cm to 70cm. A tool with a longer knife is considered more professional.
  • Lever. Not an unimportant element of the hedge trimmer. When you buy, you need to take it in hand, since you are going to keep it when it will work. A double handle or for two hands will be more convenient for a heavy tool. The more comfortable the handle on your hedge trimmer is, the more time you can work without additional rest.