How to Prune, Trim and Shape Your Shrubs

We had no time to look back, as a warm summer waved us a pen and an autumn came to replace it. And autumn is a time for activating works in the garden and the garden. In today’s post, I want to talk about how to choose a manual hedge trimmer – a tool that helps to put in order the bushes in the yard or garden.

A hedge trimmer is a hand tool designed to cut bushes and other tree-like vegetation.

Some specialists do not distinguish electric hedge trimmers as a separate type of tools, including them in the category of motocos (especially disc hedge trimmer). We, however, considering the specifics and varieties of this tool, we will consider it as a separate representative of garden technology and concentrate on hedge trimmers with a saw bar.

Main types of hedge trimmers:

Main types of brush cutters

  1. petrol hedge trimmer (garden hedge shears). In such tools, a gasoline engine is installed, such as in a chainsaw or petrol pump.
  2. electric hedge trimmer (garden hedge trimmer). The electric hedge trimmer works from the electrical network and must be constantly connected to it.
  3. accumulator hedge trimmer. The battery hedge trimmer works from the installed battery. Such tools have a relatively lower power, as well as a limited run time without recharging, but they are lighter than gasoline ones and do not require permanent connection to the network.

Separately, we can say about mechanical hand-held hedge trimmers, or in a simple way – about ordinary garden shears. The mechanical hedge trimmer is the most reliable and tested tool, and for training the muscles of the hands is very useful

If you make a selection of the hedge trimmer among the above types, you can take the following advice: if you have good access to the electrical network – choose an electric hedge trimmer, it is cheaper and has less weight. In other cases, buy a gasoline tool.

A cordless hedge trimmer can be used in cases where you have small amounts of work and the average diameter of the branches of bushes does not exceed 10 cm.

Main parameters of hedge trimmers:

  1. Power – the average power of the network hedge trimmer can be in the range from 0.4 to 0.6 kW. Gasoline hedge trimmers can have power up to 0,8-0,9 kW. As you can see, the difference in capacity is small, accordingly, the average will be optimal at the level of 0.5 -0.55 kW.
  2. The length of the tire – the hedge trimmer (knife), like the chain saw, is its main cutting element. The length of the tire determines how much can be covered by the tool in one pass. With a long tire, the efficiency of working with large bushes increases, but maneuverability decreases.
  3. Speed of rotation – the cut quality depends on the speed of rotation or the number of knife strokes. The more speed – the more “clean” will be the cut. This is measured by the number of revolutions (strokes) per minute and can range from 1800 to 3400 rpm. For example, the manual hedge trimmer Bosch AHS-60-16 has a frequency of 3400 rpm. at a power of 0.45 kW.