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What is the Best Router Table to Buy for Woodworking

router table
07 Jun

A router table is a useful and versatile addition to any workshop. With a securely mounted router on the table, your hands are completely free for maximum control on the workpiece during the cut. The extra control makes certain routing tasks a lot easier such a routing grooves or edge profiles. It also allows you to carry out other chores safely including making cope, routing narrow stock, which is not possible with a handheld router. With so many benefits, a router table is a must have in any woodworking workshop. However, the big question is what is the best router table to buy for woodworking?

Types of router tables:

Flat, solid top

In any woodworking project, precision is crucial for the performance and success of the woodwork. It is here a flat, solid table comes in handy. Such a table facilitates more accuracy in cuts while allowing you to carry out your work smoothly.

Flat, rigid base plate

This table has the router attached to a base plate, which fits into a desired rabbeted opening in the tabletop. The plate is able to support the weight of heavy woods while cutting and finishing.

Miter and T-slots

These tables come with T-slots for securing feather boards, stops and other router table attachments. A slot allows easy attachments of a couple of hand down clamps or a slip stop, which could be really handy for intricate woodworking craftsmanship.

A perfect, easy to position fence table

Such tables allow you to control the cuts by keeping the workpiece pressed against the fence while moving forward with the bit. You can find these tables as a one-piece fence, two-piece fence or a split fence.

A robust, stable base table

A sturdy table allows you to keep the workpiece in contact with the cutter thereby ensuring crisp, clean cuts aside from enhancing the overall performance of your projects, the table minimizes the risks of injuries and damages.
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Factors to consider while choosing the best router table


Comfort level

The tool you want for your woodworking workshop should offer a reasonable level of comfort and convenience. You should be able to carry out your woodworking chores comfortably on the table with no issue.


Most of the router tables occupy too much space in a workshop. You should consider the space constraint while assessing various types of router tables. The best router table is one that delivers quality results while taking up optimum space in a workshop.

Speed and efficiency

Of course, you want a table that will speed up your woodworking chores. An ideal table should ensure efficiency of your projects in a speedy manner with no problem.


You will find many router tables that enhance woodworking chores. However, the lifespan of most of these tables is short. Note this point and assess tables that have a higher longevity to serve you longer.


Obviously, you are looking for an affordable tool. So compare the rates of multiple brands in view of your budget and requirements. After making in-depth comparisons, settle with the best brand that offers top of the line tool in an affordable manner.

Bottom line

Choosing an ideal router table is paramount to making the most out of the tool. With the right tool, you can carry out many chores easily and safely. If you are not sure what is the best router table to buy for woodworking, adhere to the above guidelines. Assess various types of router tables in view of the above factors and you could pick the best table for easing your woodworking chores.

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