What You Need to Know About Hedge Trimmers

So, what does the hedge trimmer do? Bushes cut – it’s understandable. But how does he cut them? Why, roughly speaking, do not just take a chainsaw and not cut off all that is superfluous? Because it will be rude and inhumane in relation to the bush. In principle, the hedge trimmer performs the work of the secateurs, but only on a large scale and without the cost of human energy. Only his own. The hedge trimmer can cut several branches at a time, even if they are of different thicknesses. At the very cut, the branch does not exfoliate, the cutoff point is smooth and clean. Thanks to such delicate work, your bushes will not perish at the root, but will grow further, but adjusted in shape. The wound tightens quickly, the bush is healthy and happy with life.

Since the work of the hedge trimmer is automated, it is called an automatic hedge trimmer. Its main working “organ” is a sheet of metal, equipped with very sharp teeth on both sides. But then you will not take the number of teeth, or even quality – their sharpness. All the salt is that when working, the teeth do not aim senselessly in the bush, but perform reciprocating movements. Therefore, everything that fell into the “dead zone” is cut off instantly and cleanly. However, such hedge trimmers are not very delicate. If you need to conduct educational work in your garden, and a few improve it, you can use battery or electric hedge trimmers. Their power is much smaller, but it also works more gently.

What is good about a battery brushcutter

What is good about a battery hedge trimmer? Of course, the fact that it works on the battery. It is absolutely independent and does not depend on some kind of extension cords. But the downside is that the battery is quickly discharged – within. In fact, for garden work, this is not so fast. Electric hedge trimmers are dependent on the wires. But with this hedge trimmer you can work as much as your heart desires, making a perfectly smooth cut.

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Usually, hedge trimmers are equipped with knives or teeth. However, there are also disc and hedge trimmer.

In disk hedge trimmers are installed discs, their power can reach 3000 watts. If you chose an expensive model, then there will be a system that absorbs the noise of the engine running. If not, you will have to put up with a wild crash.

Hedge trimmer are quite small, and the principle of work is the same as for a shaving machine. Their power is small – about 1000 W, and they are bought with a decorative purpose – more precisely, they perform decorative work when giving shrubs a certain shape.

If you summarize all of the above, then before buying a garden hedge trimmer, you need to determine the expected scope of work, as well as the level of complexity of tasks, determine the mobility requirements of the hedge trimmer, and if you are thinking about purchasing a model with an electric motor, then consider the presence of a power source and the distance of the electrical outlet work site.